To measure the problem as soon as possible
To take immediate action
To cut off (or shut down) water problem at its “source”
To have a flexible, effective and durable system
To act promptly
To avoid important damages and discomfort
To prevent from future and unexpected costs

Patented since 2013
Simple, efficient, tested
It can be installed without changing the existing system
It can be installed in front of the domestic meter
It can be turned off any time unlocking manually
2 devices that speak and work
1 stop valve – 1 sensor that sends - IOT predisposition


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Motorized central unit located at the main water inlet. It receives the signal from the transmitters and closes the water supply in case of flooding in 2 seconds. Equipped with all safety systems in case of exhausted batteries. Battery life is about 2 years


DOWNLOAD Technical Info

Detects water on the floor and immediately sends a signal to the receiving unit. It is equipped with all safety systems in case of exhausted batteries. The battery life is approximately 2 years after the need for replacement



All components communicate with each other at 868 MHz frequency The system also features signal repeaters to cover large transmission distances The repeater is also equipped with a safety system for uncharged batteries

Internet Of Thinks

Our devices are predisposed to the installation of all the most evolved systems of communication to the world of IoT. It's possible also access control panels directly from dedicated portals with exclusive access and with everyone various devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs)


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Video of assembly and arming phases

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