Still Water is a patented device against industrial and domestic flooding. Its installation is a provisional safety measure in sensitive areas. It consist of a receiving unit that controls a motorized valve and wireless sensor.
When the sensors come into contact with the water, they send the signal to the receiving unit which closes the valve on the main user’s supply. Its peculiarity is to be a device mounted on a common valve (contained in the package) that will be implemented in the existing water system without the need for modifications. This prevents excessive installation costs, is easy and intuitive for anyone with normal manual skills. In addition ,this device is equipped whith a “Safe Valve ” programming. Every six months, in fact, there is a closing and quick opening cycle that keeps the valve soft, preventing generally caused by long periods of inactivity. In addition to the ” Low battery” indicator,
an “Allert” program is provided to result in a water flow reduction approximately three days before the automatic shutdown of the supply when the batteries are completely discharged. This allows the end of operations whithout
the abrupt break of flow. Whith this feature, even when you are away from home, the device provides home security in the event of exhausted battery. The battery life is about two years, except in case of extraordinary closures.
NOTE: The device boards are treated with insulating film (ELMOTHERM) which protects them from moisture and condensation.